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6 Ways Install Youtube Looper Extension Its Advantage

Repeating video on Youtube needs Youtube Looper as your solution. Find out how to install the extension on Chrome and the benefits of usage in this article. When you’re streaming some videos on Youtube and you like the video, you might want to play it loop. Or else, loop is usually done to increase the viewer. You can use the Youtube looper extension to make it work. The function of this extension will help you automatically play the video.

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The good news is that extension of this looper is free to download. It works as plug-in for your device. You don’t have to click the play button on the screen anymore. Once the video finishes, it will repeat the same video again and again, with or without intervals you set on extension.

Youtube Looper
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How to Install Youtube Looper

1.      Get the plug in

The very first thing you need to do is get the extension. You can download any website that provides Youtube Looper extension for Chrome. Type “download youtube looper plug in” on your search engine and you’ll find some links to download. Make sure the connection is safe.

2.      Login Youtube Looper

After you have succeeded downloading the extension online, you have to log in on Youtube Looper official. On the website, you’ll find a link to download the extension. Click the button and wait until the extension is successfully downloaded.

3.      Check add ons

After the installation is done, you have to check the add on menu on your Chrome. Usually, the icon will appear as a sign that the extension is ready to use. If it’s already active, you can start the video loop on your Youtube account. Set the intervals based on what you need.

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4.      Try to use it

After you’ve finished installing the best looper, it’s time for you to use the extension on your Youtube. Open one of your favorite videos to play as a loop. After that, check the looper button under the video. If you don’t find it, click the looper icon on the add ons menu first.

After that, go back to the Youtube page. Below the video part, there will be a loop button. Click the button and you are told to manage or set the intervals of the loop. There are also some variables in the menu before it starts. Now, you don’t have to click repeat the video anymore once it finishes.

The advantage of using Youtube Looper

1.      Saves time

When you’re using a looper, you don’t have to check the screen again and again just to click the repeat button. It’s automatically playing the video, so it saves your time. It becomes the main advantage for the user who needs to listen or watch with a learning purpose.

2.      Increases the view

Some people need a looper as Youtube looper for views. The more views they get, the engagement is increasing. This purpose is used by many people who need viewers as their record. Though it’s less organic, looper is proven to help gain viewers.

3.      There are options

You’ll be able to find the options on your auto loop youtube extension. Once you click the looper button, it shows several options to use according to your need. These options help you to meet the expected experience when you’re watching the video.

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4.      Free

The most important thing from this looper is the price, which is free. You don’t have to spend a single penny just to activate Youtube looper on your device. Just a single click, you’ll be able to play the video repeatedly without clicks.

5.      Easy to install

The installation is very easy for all users. It needs a simple task to get the plugin and extension on your device. Once you’ve finished the installation, the looper will work after you click the icon on the add ons of your Chrome.Youtube looper is such a great help for you to repeat the video you like. You don’t have to click the repeat option after it finishes. It also prevents the next video automatically playing. Get the free plug-in and start to install as your additional add ons on your Chrome.

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