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4 Best Platforms to Instagram Viewer Post

Some people are too lazy to create an Instagram account. However, sometimes they want to know what is trending on Instagram or even download certain photos on IG. To help them, Instagram viewer platforms are created. To understand more about them, please check some information below.

Instagram Viewer

What is Instagram Viewer Platform?

Some people may never hear about IG viewer platforms. Many of these platforms are web-based tools. However, users can also access them by downloading the app version of Instagram Viewer. 

These platforms allow their users to do many things.

  1. Browse IG Post, Story, and Reel Anonymously

The platforms are useful for those who want to explore Instagram, but they do not have IG accounts. Via the platforms, they can watch IG posts, stories, and reels of famous IG celebrities easily. 

The IG Viewer platforms are not only useful for those who look for some entertainment on IG without account. But they are also useful for those who want to stalk someone via IG account anonymously. 

  1. Analyse IG Profiles, Followers, etc.

The platforms are also useful for those who need IG data or statistics in order to analyse IG followers, profiles, comments, and likes. This analysis may help users to understand more about their viewers and followers. It also helps them create better posts, stories, and reels.

  1. Download IG Contents

Certain platforms do not only work as an Instagram Viewer, but they also work as a downloader. Consequently, their users will be able to download photos and videos from IG reel, post, and story via these platforms.

  1. Editing Content
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Moreover, some platforms are IG viewer and editor. Via this menu, users can edit IG photos or content easily. As a result, users will be able to make a certain improvement on these contents easily.

How to Use IG Viewer Platforms

Many IG viewer platforms are available for free for everyone. Internet users from all over the world may access the web version of these platforms or the app versions without paying any single cents. However, some require users to pay monthly fees.

The simple steps of using these platforms are as follows. 

  • Access the Instagram Viewer platform.
  • Write the IG username on the provided box.
  • Click Search.
  • On the result page, click the username that matches the username being searched.
  • Browse the posts on the IG account.

IG Viewer Platforms Available on the Internet

There are several Instagram viewer anonymous platforms that are available on the internet and app store. These are some of them.

  1. Instalkr

This is one of the best free Instagram viewer apps. To use this platform, users don’t need to have an IG account. Instalkr allows users to have access to public IG accounts so that they can browse IG posts, comments, stories, and likes anonymously.

Moreover, it also allows users to find deleted posts and stories of the IG account. Via Instalkr, users will also be able to download photos and videos.

  1. InstaDP

Another free IG viewer platform is InstaDP. This web-based tool is simple, but functional. It is a great IG viewer and downloader. Therefore, users can view and download photos and videos on IG anonymously and easily.

  1. Dumpor
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Dumpor is a free web-based IG viewer. It is easy to use and has a great user interface. This IG viewer has various features, such as analysing IG comments, followers, and likes, browse IG content, and download IG content.  

  1. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is a paid IG viewer. However, the monthly fee is fairly affordable. With this PC app, users are able to browse and download contents of public Instagram accounts and private Instagram accounts.The Instagram Viewer is simply a great platform. It offers some advantages for both personal and professionals. However, it is important to note that users must use this platform wisely.

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