Snapchat Marketing: How to Reach the Gen Z Audience

Okay, don’t panic – we’re only throwing around phrases like Snapchat and Gen Z. But before diving into the world of dog ears filters and ephemeral visuals, let’s set the scene. You know what Snapchat is, right? And you’re certainly aware of the enigmatic Gen Z, aren’t you? 

Believe me when I say that mastering the art of Snapchat can put your brand on the digital map quicker than you can say “Where did my snap go?”

The significance of this playful, ingenious app is this: Snapchat is to Gen Z what Facebook was to Millennials. It’s not just a fad, it’s a full-blown sea change in the way this digital-first generation consumes content and interacts with brands. 

  • Snapchat: For those of you still living in 2011, Snapchat is a mobile messaging app used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings that disappear in a snap. Hence the name – quite clever, don’t you think?
  • Gen Z: This is the moniker given to the generation born after Millennials, generally considered to have been born between the mid-1990s to early 2010s. They’re tech-savvy, independent and, crucially for you, highly influential in determining what’s hot and what’s not.

Now that we have the basics sorted, it’s time to dive right in. Ready to make your brand the next big thing on Snapchat? Of course you are – let’s get started!

Why Snapchat is the Perfect Platform for Reaching Gen Z

Think kid, why is Snapchat such a smash hit with Gen Z? Now, don’t pull that face. See, Generation Z isn’t just about cool dudes with swoopy hair or rad chicks with glitter eyeliner, there’s more to it! They’re a complex, digitally nuanced bunch and here’s why Snapchat is their go-to social platform. 

Instantaneous and Informal: Gen Z lives in the moment. They prefer quick, real-time shares without the pressure of coming off as picture perfect. Snapchat’s ephemeral content does exactly that – it celebrates spontaneity and authenticity. 

Visual Storytelling: Gen Z loves stories! Don’t we all? But these youngsters, they take things up a notch. Turn up the heat with Snapchat’s visual content – images, short videos, and AR lenses. It’s less about the words and more about the experience. 

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Privacy: If you’re whispering, “why so secretive, Gen Z?”, let me stop you right there. It’s not about being secretive, it’s about respecting one’s space. Snapchat offers higher levels of privacy, compared to other platforms, with its closed, friend-based network. Be respectful, folks! 

Now that we’re clear on why Snapchat is literally a Gen Z magnet, let’s move onto creating that dazzling brand presence on Snapchat.

Creating a Strong Brand Presence on Snapchat

Okay, you got it right, Snapchat appeals to Gen Z. But how can you make your brand shine, sparkle, and pop on Snapchat? Look no further, because we’re spilling the beans right here and now. 

Consistency is key: First off, establish a regular posting schedule and stick to it. Gen Z loves to consume quick, in-the-moment content – and lots of it. No pressure, but your audience is waiting. 

  • Consider this: daily snap stories showing behind-the-scenes footage is a great way to continually engage with your audience. Updates about new product launches? Yes, please!
  • Here’s a handy hint: Promote your snap code across your other social platforms to drive followers to your Snapchat account.

Engage authentically: Snap away, but remember to be real. Embrace the authenticity of the platform, as Gen Z favors brands that portray their real selves, warts and all.

  • Food for thought: Feature real people using your products, showing the good, the bad, and the ugly. If your product can withstand the trials and tribulations of a teenager’s day, you’re onto a winner!

Collaboratively create: The Snapchat culture is all about user-generated content. Why not involve your followers in your brand story

  • Here’s a snap idea: Run weekly challenges or competitions that require your followers to create relevant snaps. Not only will this increase engagement, but it’s also a fantastic way to generate content about your brand — right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

So, are you ready to paint Snapchat yellow with your brand?

Crafting Engaging Snapchat Stories for Gen Z

You see, Gen Z isn’t just about quick snaps and flashy filters. They want content that speaks to them on a deeper level. When you’re crafting Snapchat Stories for this audience, remember that they’re not just passive viewers – they’re also potential ambassadors for your brand. So how do you get them engaged? Well… 

  • Show, Don’t Tell: Gen Z is a highly visual generation. They want to see your brand in action, not read a long-winded explanation. So use short, engaging videos and high-quality images to tell your brand’s story. Get creative! Maybe even a bit cheeky. (Note: ‘Cheeky’ means ‘mischievously playful’. You don’t need to get your mind in the gutter.)
  • Keep it Authentic: Transparency is highly valued by Gen Z. They want to know the people behind the brand, the story behind the products. Aussie shampoo bottles didn’t just list ingredients, they threw in a kangaroo and suddenly everyone wanted ‘Aussie’ hair. Give them a glimpse behind the scenes. Who knows, they might even like what they see.
  • Interactive Content: Turn your followers into participants with interactive content. Polls, contests, Snapchat games… anything that gets their thumbs tapping. And when they engage? Reward them! Discounts, prizes, shoutouts… who doesn’t love a good win-win situation?
  • Stay Current: Gen Z is the NOW generation. What happened two viral videos ago is ancient history. Stay connected with recent trends, memes, or world events. But! Avoid bandwagoning on sensitive social issues. Gen Z will see right through the marketing attempt and lose faith in your brand. We certainly don’t want that, do we?
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In short, with Snapchat Stories, it’s all about creating quick, engaging content that draws the viewer in, gets them involved, and makes a lasting impression. Or in simpler words – make ’em swipe up, not left! 

Still with me? Good. Let’s move on to the magic of Snapchat’s AR filters.

Using Snapchat’s AR Filters to Capture Gen Z’s Attention

Guys and gals, you know as well as I do that Snapchat’s AR Filters are as spicy as a jalapeño popper. Gen Z users can’t seem to get enough of these playful aspects of reality-bending wizardry. But are you harnessing the full potential of these cool tools? Let’s dive down the rabbit hole, my friends. 

First things first – let’s rememberwhy AR Filters are such a hit with the Gen Z crowd. They’re fun, customizable, and let the user cinch a snippet of their day or mood in the most creative way possible. This isn’t just an ice cream sundae, folks, it’s the cherry on top. 

In your marketing strategy, AR filters should be the caramel drizzle over your Snapchat sundae.

  • Tell an interactive story: Remember when you were a kid and picture books were your go-to for a good time? It’s sort of like that. Create filters that help Gen Z users tell their stories in a fun and interactive way. The more integrated your filter is with their daily activities, the more they’ll use it. You know what they say- ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So, stay in sight!
  • Make it native: Don’t look like a hitchhiker lost in the forest. A filter that meshes naturally with Snapchat’s general vibe will get more use. It should feel just as at home as a fuzzy slipper on a winter’s day. Use Snapchat’s own style guides to help get the ‘inlook.’
  • Encourage sharing: Ah, the beautiful dominoes of Snapchat. A shared filter is a successful filter. Try using a call to action in your filter. Part challenge, part dare, all fun. Gen Z loves a good bandwagon to jump on to, so create the perfect wagon! So there you have it. AR Filters on Snapchat are essentially the Swiss-army knife of Gen Z marketing. With a bit of creativity, you’ll find ways to create filters that keep your brand in your audience’s Snap Stories, day in and day out. The trick, my friend, is to look a bit like Alice—in Wonderland. Welcome to Snapchat, the looking glass of social media
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