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Tech Stack: Its Definition and 5 Awesome Examples

Businesses need to adopt the right and most effective tech tools in their day-to-day operations. Without the right tools, they can lose millions of dollars each year. Consequently, most businesses adopt a certain tech stack or technology stack to help them run their projects more effectively.

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Tech stack
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Tech Stack Definition

The term tech stack may not be familiar in the ear of some people, especially those who work in non-IT division. A technology stack is an assortment of tools, pieces of software, apps, platforms, and coding languages adopted by companies.

They adopt tech stacks for various reasons, but it is mostly to perform their business operations, build their products, and monitor their metrics of performance. In other words, the tech stack definition is a collection of technologies used by a company to build and run a project or app.

Different projects need different tech stacks. For example, the technology stack for web software will not work effectively for android apps. 

The stack for the former consists of back-end software tools (e.g PHP, MyQSL, and Apache) and front-end software tools (e.g. Javascript, CSS, and HTML). The techno stack for Android app may consist of Kotlin, Java, and Android Studio.

Examples of Tech Stack

Deciding on which tools to integrate in the tech stack can be challenging. Therefore, some businesses choose one of the tech stack examples that are already proven by other businesses. These are top technology stack models used by various businesses.

  1. ASP.NET

Microsoft’s .NET can run on Linux and Microsoft smoothly because it is extra lightweight. Due to its great performance, many businesses use .NET to build various applications. 

This tech stack commonly consists of the following applications or programs.

  • SQL server (Microsoft’ enterprise database)
  • IIS (Microsoft’s web server)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Angular frontend framework with TypeScript
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Some technology stack users run these apps on Linux along with open source databases, such as MyQSL and Postgresql, and NGINX

  1. LAMP

It is one of the tech stacks that is most commonly used for web development. LAMP offers the best performance, flexibility, and efficiency. The name of this stack model is an acronym of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (Python or Perl).

All those programs are available for free. In addition, this stack of technology can be run on various operating systems. Users may modify or interchange its components to make it more suitable for their usages.

  1. MERN

This tech stack consists of MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. This stack of layers offers several benefits for its users. 

They are a powerful library, the ability of using codes on server and browser simultaneously, full-stack development option, and React integration. Many users also find that React offers performance and flexibility in developing interactive UI.

  1. MEAN

MEAN is almost the same as MERN. It consists of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. This technology stack is very popular because it provides various benefits for its users. It is perfect for ecommerce, various interactive apps, and all types of websites.

One of the benefits of using MEAN is that the underlying technologies are free and open source. Moreover, it only uses one language, i.e. JavaScript and it offers a practical approach in creating highly efficient and fast apps.

  1. Ruby on Rails

This tech stack uses Ruby as its programming language. Ruby on Rails requires less knowledge to work on and allows users to simplify the development process. 

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This technology stack works well with XML for transferring data. It also works well with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for creating JSON and UIs. When it comes to choosing the right tech stack, businesses must consider the objectives of their project. Choosing a technology stack just because it seems fun or cool may slow down the business and cause financial lost.

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