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3 Tips to Use Facebook Search Efficiently

Facebook search is actually a very powerful tool but many users of this platform rarely use it. The majority of people only use this search box to find out people or certain pages. However, the function of this searching feature is more than that and it makes you easier to find what you look for. 

facebook search
facebook search

Every day, millions pages shared on Facebook and they come out into different types such as photos, videos, texts, and links. It will be trickier for you to find contents that match with your preference. Not to mention other sources like apps, groups, events, and marketplace. 

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How to Use Facebook Search

Since there are many people who still unfamiliar with this feature on Facebook. It will be very useful if you know how to use it and several tips to make your search is more time-efficient and productive.

  1. Find Posts, Photos, and Videos

Like finding particular pages or people, looking for specific photos, posts, and videos also can be easy on Facebook. It is even more efficient then doing Facebook search profile to find out something they posted recently or some years ago. 

To find any post, you just need to type the words in the search box. Then, all related Facebook posts will appear which might come from yours, friends, pages, groups, and other users of Facebook. You need to sort out the results using filters provided on the left part. 

If you select option “Your friends”, you will begin to see the Facebook search results from your friends’ posts. On its default, the posts appear on the top the ones with get most likes and comments. If you want to find specific photo or video, you can use the tabs on the top to refresh the search. 

  1. Find Events
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Facebook search also helps you to find particular events that you like to attend. There are various types of events that you can search on Facebook such as play, music, dance, and concert. If you type the word “Play” on the search box, it will show all the local events that come with “Play” on its title. 

To get more relevant results of events that you want to find, you can use filters that are displayed on the left part. If you don’t want all events to be presented, you can choose even that are popular with friends. It can show many events held anywhere, to make it specific you can choose the city where the events held.

You also can choose the date when the events are hold. Before being sorted out, the events appeared on the screen are taken part. However, you can find out events that can be attended today, tomorrow, are the weekend, this week, and next week. 

  1. Find Things to Buy on Marketplace

You also can go shopping using Facebook search. Just look certain things that you like to buy by selecting Marketplace tab on the top. Then, you can specify the results through filters on the left bar by choosing the price range, location, and category. 

If you type the words “for sale” on the search box or maybe use more specific keyword like “bike for sale”, the posts tab will display all the posts containing those words. If you want to finds things that offered by your friends, you can sort out the results by choosing “only see posts from friends”.

By default Facebook marketplace will present the searching results from all marketplace. You also can shop by category by choosing types of products you will buy such as vehicles, electronics, clothing & accessories, and home & garden.

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Facebook search helps you to finds things faster in Facebook platforms. It comes with various filters to sort out more specific option related to your search.

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