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4 Advantages Facebook Touch for Swapping

Facebook touch perhaps still sounds unfamiliar among Facebook users but it serves as a version of Facebook for those who use mobile devices. It offers easier access to this social media platform with its touch-optimized concept. It comes with a touch-friendly interface that can reach more Facebook users. 

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This Facebook version neither can be downloaded nor installed since it is browser-based. However, this becomes an interesting point of the version. Don’t worry as long as your touchscreen device running a compatible browser, you can login and use this Facebook version with easier operation. 

Facebook touch
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4 Facebook Touch Advantages

Using this version is pretty easy and most satisfyingly those who use low-end devices or older version of smartphone can use it. This can be a great solution to keep accessing Facebook as long as the device runs either Android or iOS operating system. These are some advantages of using this Facebook version. 

  1. Fast Operation

Whenever you use Facebook touch either in Android or iPhone, you can experience fast operation. This version runs well even when you use low-end touchscreen devices. Hence, you can expect faster using experience when you open this Facebook version in newer devices. 

You will find Facebook touch problem compared with using the desktop version. If you spend a lot of time accessing Facebook through desktop, the touch version can be an alternative option to save your time. Just move to your browser and open this version for quick scroll on your Facebook account. 

  1. Support Low Bandwidth
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Facebook touch might also go a little bit slower when you use smartphone with low-end processor. However, it can be a good option when you are at the locations that aren’t approachable by 3G or better connection speeds. It means that this Facebook version can still be accessed in areas with GPRS. 

Satisfyingly, you still can do many activities with Facebook platform although you are somewhere in remote areas without need to download the app. Anytime you want to log into your Facebook account, you just need to access the touch site from the browser in your touchscreen device. 

Hence, when you find out that you are in a location with slow internet connection, it is a perfect solution to access Facebook through browser. 

  1. Have Better Quality of Image

Although it is not the universal case, some Facebook users find out that they get better quality of image when accessing this platform with the touch version. Most likely, pictures in Facebook app cannot be accessed or show low quality when it is in a low bandwidth. 

However, as Facebook touch supports usage in limited bandwidth, it is load any image that you find on the platform faster than the app version. Besides, with touch version, you still can play few videos in the Facebook although some stutters might happen in the middle of the play. 

So, whenever you use Facebook app and find out that the images don’t load perfectly, you can move to your browser and open the Facebook for better quality of images. 

  1. Use Less Power
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Many new smartphones these days come with impressive battery life. However, when it is on the last percentage, you will save it as much as possible by avoiding to access social media platform, like Facebook. If you open the Facebook through website you can keep the battery power slightly longer. 

Touch version of Facebook only loads the bare minimum of contents you require in this platform. Hence, it consumes less power than Facebook app you install in the device. It can be an alternative if you need to access it in urgent battery endurance. Facebook touch comes with several advantages, especially for low-end smartphone users. It runs well in low bandwidth and power while still presenting good quality of images.

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