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4 Things about Discord Logo You Should Know

Recently, the chat platform called Discord started to gain popularity. The Discord logo successfully stole people’s attention. It is not only the application, but also the logo undergoes a bit of change in a good way. 

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Around 6 years ago the developer of Discord released this application for a specific segment which is gamers. The amount of users rises each year. By 2021, the platform already has approximately 350 million registered users.

Exposing What Lies behind Discord Logo

Discord is one of the innovative platforms for instant messaging, digital distribution, and voice over internet protocol. Thus, the users can chat with their friends using text messaging, video calls, voice calls,  and even send files. Its function is amazing, and so is its logo. 

Just like other companies, the Discord developers also design the logo thoughtfully. People say there is always a story behind the logo of a company. The logo speaks for the identity of the company, the brand in particular that eventually will attract customers. Here are unique things about the Discord logo.

1. Design

All brands must have unique and simple designs. Complicated design or name of the brand is hard to remember. Hence, Discord creates a logo and brand name that lead people to recognize and memorize it easily. 

  • Shape

At a glance, the Discord icon seems like a smiling face. But if you pay a heed to the Discord mascot closely, it definitely shows the shape of a game controller. 

Despite a little change of design, the shape of the game controller is crystal clear. The three parts of the Discord icon includes circles, smile, square and human features.

  • Color
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Blue and white colors become a visible trademark of the Discord logo. The mascot looks good in pastel blue. This color emphasizes wisdom, honesty and fidelity. White color on its smiling mascot shows humility and innocence. 

  • Font

Fonts written in this brand are all capitals. The “D” seems a bit softened because of the diagonal cut. The Discord brand uses Uni Sans Heavy font.

2. Name

Normally, the brand’s mascot has a name. In this case, the Discord logo also has a special name called “Clyde”. It is the most suitable name for a friendly and funny robot that looks like a game controller. 

3. Change

The company makes a little modification on its logo color. The palette color of white and blue has turned into a more saturated color. Its new color becomes playful and bold.Not only the logo color, but also the motto of Discord at the moment is different from the previous one. 

Their previous motto was “Chat for Gamers”, but then they have modified it into “Chat for Communities and Friends”. It indicates that the company has grown bigger now. They initially developed Discord to allow gamers to communicate easily.

Considering the significant growth of the platform and more people utilize it, they realize that the motto is no longer relevant when Discord expands the business. So it is not an exclusive platform for gamers, but users in general may join too.The Discord users surprisingly increase up to now. 

4. Meaning

Knowing the meaning of a brand’s logo tends to deepen customers’ interest in the product. Unfortunately, Discord hasn’t revealed the meaning of their logo. It drives people to make various interpretations upon the Discord mascot. 

Although the Discord icon takes the shape of a game controller, it is actually a Discord bot. The Discord bot is an automated program that acts as users and it will automatically respond to commands or events in this platform.
It is only natural if the attractive logo of a brand becomes intriguing. The Discord logo definitely has special design. The recent modification of color and motto is relevant to the company’s business growth. It is a great development of this chat platform.

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