When Technology Was Invented
5 Great Technologies and When Technology Was Invented?

When technology was invented, the shape of technology was a stone. Believe it or not, the oldest technology on earth was invented more than 2.5 million years ago. This technology is known as Olduvai stone or Oldowan. It was a scrapper that was designed to butcher animals.

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When technology was invented
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Then about 2 million years ago, another technology was invented. It was huts, a small sized dwelling constructed of many local materials. Most huts were designed to be inexpensive and relatively quick to build. The construction usually doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools.

When Technology Was Invented in the Modern Era?

Since a couple hundred years ago, this world has been successfully transformed by the innovation of gadgets, inventions, and machines. Great inventions in the modern era include telephones, electric motors, airplanes, plastic, and computers. Below are incredible technology innovations.

  1. Electric dynamo

This outstanding electric dynamo was invented by Michael Faraday in 1831. The electromagnetic generators’ operating principle then called Faraday’s law. The dynamo itself is an electrical generator. It uses a commutator in order to create direct current.

Dynamo was the first electrical generator that was able to deliver power for the industry. Today, there is a simpler alternator that dominates the big scale power generation. Dynamo wasn’t a perfect invention. It has the disadvantage of the mechanical commutator.

  1. Computer

When technology was invented in the 1860s, Charles Babagge invented the analytical engine that is seen as the modern computer’s forerunner. This invention could be programmed and also calculate the mathematical equations. This early experimental machine was the mother of electronic versions.

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However, the electronic computer was actually developed somewhere in the 1940s. But before the electronic version, there was an analog computer invented by Sir William Thomson, somewhere in between 1879 and 1881.

  1. Pasteurization

This unique invention was developed in 1864 by someone named Louis Pasteur. Pasteurization provided a unique way to prevent the bacteria’s growth in various substances like milk, wine, and beer. This device makes milk become safer and healthier to drink.

In order to remedy the local aged wines’ frequent acidity, Pasteur found out that young wine should be heated to about 122-140 degree Fahrenheit or about 50-60 degree Celsius only. The pasteurization should only be done for a short time in order to kill the entire microbes.

  1. Plastic

When technology was invented in 1869, a new technology that can ease the human’s life came up to the world. It was plastic. This excellent technology was invented by John Wesley Hyatt who was an American inventor and printer. Hyatt was looking for something that is cheap enough.

The material he was looking for should be cheap enough to substitute the ivory billiard balls. Hyatt then combined camphor and cellulose nitrate in order to provide something called celluloid, a versatile material that is moldable. Now, everyone around the world uses this incredible material every day.

  1. Telephone

When technology was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, there was a unique fact everybody should know. Bell was a Scottish born teacher. He taught the deaf students at Boston University. He was looking for the best ways to teach deaf students.

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Then he started experimenting with sound transmission via electricity. Bell spent his spare time developing the final form of this telephone technology. The form was applied for patent on March 7, 1876. Only five years later, most cities in the US already had private telephones.

When technology was invented, the inventors didn’t expect that computers could develop into laptops and telephones could be smartphones that are able to do anything. Technologies have rapidly developed and will keep developing forever. New inventions always come up to the world.

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