Do Moderators on TikTok Get Paid?

Ever wondered what the hustle behind TikTok’s seamless content moderation looks like? Or better yet, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “do moderators get paid on TikTok?”, then you’re in the right place. As TikTok continues to take the world by storm, the role of its content moderators becomes increasingly important. In this article, we’re about to uncover the often overlooked players in the background who keep the platform safe and entertaining. 

“As TikTok continues its global march, each video you stumble across has been carefully evaluated by an army of moderators. But the question still stands; do these guardians of content venture forth into the virtual world for the love of it, or does TikTok keep their pockets lined? Get ready as we dive into the world of TikTok moderation!”

But before we dive in, let’s break down what exactly a TikTok moderator does. These digital umpires play an essential role in maintaining the community guidelines, monitoring user content for anything that violates the platform’s rules. From here, it’s just the beginning of our journey to learn more about the fascinating and challenging world of these digital referees and whether they manage to scoop up some earnings in the process.

Do TikTok moderators receive payment

Yes, TikTok moderators do receive payment for their work. These moderators, often subcontracted by companies such as Majorel and Teleperformance, play a pivotal role in keeping the platform clean and safe. They put themselves on the front lines, sifting through an incredible variety of content to ensure it adheres to TikTok’s guidelines and policies. 

Although the exact earnings of TikTok moderators are undisclosed due to confidential company policies, it’s understood that these roles are paid positions. Majorel, a company that previously managed TikTok moderation for Spanish and Latin American content, places a significant emphasis on providing a supportive working environment for its moderators, signifying the value of their roles. 

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However, the job is not without its challenges. Moderators are often faced with a high volume of content to review – as one ex-moderator stated, the target could be as high as reviewing 1,000 videos per working day. They are further burdened by changing policies and are required to meticulously tag sensitive content, the consequence of failure resulting in job termination. 

Despite these struggles, the services of these moderators remain crucial to the successful operation of TikTok. Their role, although demanding, is compensated accordingly.

How do TikTok moderators get paid

You might be curious about the payment structure for TikTok moderators. These individuals, whose work is integral to maintaining TikTok’s content standards, are not generally directly employed by TikTok itself. Instead, their positions are often outsourced through companies like Majorel and Teleperformance. It’s important to note the accountability of these moderators, especially as they’re required to meticulously tag videos that contain sensitive content like explicit material, graphic scenes, or instances of self-harm. Failure to adhere to these important tagging rules could lead to job loss, enhancing the severity and complexity of their roles. 

In terms of how they actually get paid, these outsourced content moderators generally work by the clock. There’s an app named Timekeeper, used by moderators working with Teleperformance, for instance, to log their work hours, including any breaks they take. This time-bound work model is how the payment structure is decided for these moderators. The stricter supervision from the companies is also evident in scenarios like one shared by a former Teleperformance employee, Carolina, who reported being asked to consistently be on camera during her night shifts, with company-prescribed guidelines defining what should and shouldn’t be included in the view. 

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Stress and burnout are common among these TikTok moderators, given the high content review targets set by the companies. For example, a moderator might be expected to sift through a staggering 1,000 videos per day, a number that hasn’t been adjusted even as TikTok has started to feature longer videos. It’s a demanding role, further complicated by frequent policy changes from TikTok itself which can lead to confusion among the employees. Amid these demanding conditions, several moderators have sought support in labor unions, such as the Colombian union Utraclaro, to ensure their rights are protected and acknowledged. 

In light of these stringent conditions and the disturbing content moderators are often exposed to, companies like Majorel emphasise the importance of a safe and supportive working environment. The aim is to ensure that, despite the taxing nature of the job, moderators can deliver quality services while their own mental and emotional wellness is taken into consideration. 

To wrap things up, the moderating job on platforms like TikTok is a fundamental, yet challenging role with an atypical payment structure that raises more questions about the working conditions and rights of these overtime workers in the tech industry.

Are TikTok moderators compensated

Yes, TikTok moderators do receive compensation for their work. However, the experiences shared by some current and former moderators paint a picture of a demanding job with significant challenges. One former moderator, employed by Majorel, worked as an outsourced content moderator for TikTok’s Spanish and Latin American regional content for over two years. 

These moderators are often under pressure to meet high targets, clocking in roughly 1,000 videos each day. When TikTok introduced longer videos, these targets were not adapted, adding to the work’s intensity. Such high-pressure environments can lead to job-related stress and, in some cases, burnout. 

Furthermore, the job comes with certain risks. One ex-TikTok moderator revealed that they witnessed colleagues being dismissed for failing to tag videos with important content warnings such as pornography, suicide, or death. Such challenging working conditions could certainly affect a moderator’s overall job satisfaction no matter their compensation. 

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Yet, it’s not all negative. Companies like Majorel emphasize the importance of a safe and supportive working environment for their content moderators. To ensure quality services for its clients, moderators in Barcelona are provided with professional psychological support available around the clock, along with various health and well-being initiatives. 

If you’re looking into becoming a TikTok moderator, consider all of the aforementioned points. Prioritize your well-being and a supportive environment above the financial reward. Though compensation is a significant part of any job, the demanding nature of content moderation requires strong consideration of the potential mental and emotional impact that this role might have.

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