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5 Best Instagram Story Viewer to Stay Anonymously

Instagram is a great platform where we can post visual contents such as photos and videos. Users could post on their feed or story. However, if users want to check someone else’s stories, they’ll know it. Hence, users need an best Instagram story viewer to keep users anonymous.

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There are many platforms which allow users to check their posts anonymously. users don’t have to install anything and log-in to the website. It’s as simple as putting their username on the platform. Here are some great platforms that will help users to view other users’ stories.

best Instagram Story Viewer

5 Best Instagram Story Viewer 

1. InstaStories

This platform allows users to check profiles and stories anonymously. It’s a free service and users only have to put the username in the dialog box. It’s simple and user friendly. By using this Instagram story viewer, users are able to track their live broadcasts, recordings, photos, likes and comments. 

Users do not need a personal Instagram profile, view the feed and stories without logging in or installing an application. Just by putting the link or username of the profile users want to see, it’s enough to see their contents. That’s why users are anonymous and they will not know that users are checking their contents.

2. Stories IG

Another platform that should be tried is Stories IG. This is the best platform, not only to check particular user’s contents but also to download them fast. This platform is simple that users will find it easy to use. Users can access this platform without Instagram story viewer extension.

Stories IG doesn’t have to be installed. Users can check Stories IG on their website and then there’s a box to enter the link or username. After that, there’s an option to download the contents and save into your device. There’s also an option to share the stories to other networks like instant messaging apps.

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3. Stories Down

If users need a platform as Instagram story viewer and downloader at the same time, users can check Stories Down. This one is a new platform but gaining much popularity because of its ability to download the story. The quality is very high and users can save them on device easily.

Most importantly, users are able to check the story from a particular user without being noticed. Users don’t have to login to Stories Down or install Chrome plug in or applications in your device. It’s quick as well because users only have to input the username. This allows you to be an anon.

4. Anon IG Viewer

Stay anonymous by using this Instagram story viewer checker to check someone else’s stories. users don’t have to be worried that they’ll think users are stalking them. Through this platform, they won’t know that users can access using this viewer. No account needed and users are safe because users don’t have to log in to the website.

However, the owner of the posts must be a public account. If it’s a private one, then users don’t have a chance to access it since the website won’t allow that. Besides that, this Anon IG viewer will enable users to download the stories to your mobile phone. It’s easy and free to use without any extension.

5. Greatfon

Another platform users can use as an Instagram story viewer is Greatfon. This platform is promising about their security and anonymously. They are able to check someone’s stories without login or downloading apps or software. No installation needed and it’s free to use.

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It’s not only used to see a particular user’s story, but also finding public stories that use certain hashtag. Greatfon will allow users to put a topic on the box and users can check every story that uses that topic. The website also allows users to analyze the statistics provided such as comments, followers, and likes. Most Instagram story viewer platforms support anonymously checking. users don’t have to login to your own account as well. It’s safe to check posts that are related to a certain topic using hashtags too. The user won’t find users as creepy just because users check theirs.

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