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6 Best Tracker for Twitter Unfollowers for Free

It’s fun to use Twitter as one of your social media options. To have some followers gain your reputation as a user, but how about unfollowers? Checking your Twitter unfollowers needs help from the third party available, so you know who they are and can measure the engagement.

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Unfollowers give you bad influence too if you are doing some business. What more when the number of users you follow is larger than the following. Here are some third parties which will help you to track the accounts that have unfollowed you.

Twitter unfollowers
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Platforms to Check Twitter Unfollowers

1.      Unfollower Stats

This platform is free and the most popular one to use. This third party has helped since a very long time ago. The graphic is easy to understand and there are some good features as well to increase your experience of using this blue bird platform. The platform is known as best twitter unfollow tools.

The main task of this platform is checking Twitter unfollowers. There will be some notifications on your phone when someone unfollows you. Other good features are checking your unfollowers, discovering non-active accounts, and showing hot topics around you.

2.      Who Unfollowed Me

This platform allows you to track unfollowers, new followers, accounts you don’t follow back and accounts which don’t follow you. The main duty is checking your unfollowers with simple login of your Twitter account using this platform. This Twitter unfollow tool free is also safe to use.

Other features that will help you to have a good experience using Twitter are checking we’ve blocked and checking we’ve muted. By knowing all of these, you can rethink whether to unblock or unmute. In case you follow private accounts and pending, you can get to know and double check to unfollow.

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3.      Unfollowspy

Managing an audience on Twitter using Unfollowspy is easy. Tracking those Twitter unfollowers is done real time and you’ll get the live report using this platform. Besides their good security, Unfollowspy has great feature to monitor and also analyse your audience.

Once you are signing up, you’ll get the report about who your unfollowers are. The statistical data appears shortly and is easy to understand. You don’t have to click more buttons just to see other data, because all of data will appear in one format. It’s simple and quick without extension.

4.      iUnfollow

One of the most popular Twitter unfollowers platforms is iUnfollow. This is a site where the user could check whether the account has been unfollowed by certain users. The usage is pretty simple by logging in to Twitter account using this website.

More than 300 thousands users use this platform to check. It’s safe and you can check the unfollowers every time. As soon as you know who’s the unfollower, get log out. The most important thing, the site is safe to use and it’s known as Twitter unfollow bot in Twitterland.

5.      Tweepi

Tweepi isn’t a new platform as a Twitter unfollowers platform. It works well even though it’s not as popular as other platforms. Tweepi is one of twitter’s unfollow tool to check inactive accounts. So, the user knows which one should be unfollowed.

There’s a special package on Tweepi. Those special packages will help you to track unfollowers on time and don’t work as bot. There are two packages, Platinum and Silver with affordable prices.

6.      Statusbrew

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This tool is more than an app to help you with Twitter unfollowers thing. Statusbrew is more than that, to help you manage your Twitter and other networks. When there’s an unfollower, Statusbrew will send a notification to the device. Pricing plan for a month is only $25.Twitter unfollowers platforms are great ways to know your unfollower. Some platforms are featured with checker, replying comments and enabling the account more efficiently. Get the perfect platform for your business, whether as a company or influencer

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