Technology Advancement
7 Technology Advancement Examples that Change the World

Since the invention of telegraph in 1844, the world has witnessed numerous technological advances, especially in communication. Some of them are highly significant because they cause major changes in the world. All in all, technology advancement leads to changes in different degrees.

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Most societies have gotten the technology advancement advantages, such as easy access to information, better communication means, and cost efficiency. And as the development of technology is still going on, many other benefits will come along.

Technology advancement
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Significant Technology Advancement Examples

While the world is waiting for the next big technology advancement, let’s take a look at the examples of significant technological advances from 1844 until recently.

  1. Electricity

Man was aware of the existence of electricity thousands of years ago. However, at that time, he did not know that it was electricity. Starting from the 1700, electricity has been studied by several scientists, including Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Alessandro Volta.

At first, scientists were struggling in finding the practical use of electricity. However, in the late 1800s, electricity led to another technology advancement by Thomas Edison. In 1925, electricity started to be widely used.

  1. Steam Engine

The steam engine invention has brought massive changes to this world. This invention was applicable in various life sectors, such as transportation and manufacturing. A train with a steam engine allowed people to go from one place to another quickly.

Moreover, the adoption of steam engine in various factories made the manufacturing process more cost effective and efficient. Consequently, the steam engine triggered the industrial revolution.

  1. Telephone 
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The telephone is one of the biggest technological advances in communications. Thirty years after the telegraph was invented, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

At first, the telephone can only be used to make a phone call to the people in the next room. Later on, as technology advances, telephones can connect people in different countries. And now, people can do many things using their smartphone.

  1. Personal Computer

The personal computer or PC is a very significant technology advancement that has ever been invented. The first PC was available in 1977 and it is made by Apple. However, it was not until 1981 that PCs were widely used. 

That year, the PC was introduced by IBM and it was far different from what is used today. Since then, PC has developed into a more modern, useful, and compact device.

  1. Internet

The next big invention that changed the world significantly is the internet. In 1973, the ARPANET, predecessor of the internet, was used in limited scope. In the 1990, internet networks started to be widely used and people can browse various websites freely.

These days, people seem unable to live without being connected to the internet. It is connected to various things or Internet of Things so that people can even dim the light of their house when they are not at home.

  1. AI

Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been made for the last few years. At this time this technology advancement is being applied to various life sectors, for example in education, in ecommerce, in agriculture, and many more.

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With the help of AI, teachers can create personalized learning and smart contents, farmers can identify the lack of nutrition in the soil, and ecommerce businesses can offer personalized shopping and prevent credit card fraud. In future, AI will be able to do more than that.

  1. Augmented Reality

It is predicted that augmented reality or AR will change how people do many things in the future. AR is a technology that shows virtual information and objects in the field of its users’ vision. It has been applied by a number of companies, for example a wall paint company. 

For example, through AR technology, a homeowner can get the right paint color for his home easily. He only needs to use an AR application to see how his home will look if he applies a certain color. Many of the technology advancement examples above will keep expanding and developing in the future. It is also possible for them to trigger other smart innovations.

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